Thursday, January 24, 2008

Worse than I thought...

Just checked the living room and they emptied out the contents of all 5 baskets of toys. Houdini, a.k.a. Kateri, keeps bringing me wet dish towels. I am afraid to look. She is tormenting our cat Nefret and practicing for Iron Man Competitions all at once. We think she is going to be a Stunt Woman or Co-Vert Ops agent when she gets older because she is really good at deception to get what she wants and has no fear of climbing up things 3 times her size.

Lucien is trapped amid a sea of toys and is valiently "hump-crawling" out of the disaster zone. He is currently without glasses because for some unfanthomable reason they are like magnets for greedy little fingers. The girls take turns ripping them off his head, in turn bending them in ways they should not be bent, and running around the house tossing them under furniture.

Sydney is quiet. Too quiet, if you know what I mean. False alarm, Elmo is on. Now they want to write on the blog. Kateri is sitting on my lap with a very stinky diaper, while Sydney is at my feet saying "Up". Crying...Bastet, other cat, scratched Sydney because she got too close. Thank God its almost naptime.

Kateri is climbing up on the dining room table and yelling "Mama...Mama...Mama". If she can get up, shouldn;t she be able to get down?????? More later...

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