Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bright Lights and Santa Claus!

We had a dinner party on Saturday with the Danielson crew and Jill and Jeff. Lucky for us, Santa was making the rounds that night and we heard the sirens in time to go out to meet him. The kids were all excited, until Sydney saw the flashing lights and started to freak out. Needless to say, all worked out well and they got candy canes.

Sunday we were off to church and then breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Many lollipops and a long, draw out, cold breakfast later, we returned home to chill out. Later, we met Diane and the Kieras crew as well as Simone and Sue at La Salette shrine to take in the lights! It was freezing cold out, but the Christmas spirit warmed our hearts and the kids loved the lights!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nail Polish, nail polish everywhere...and not a drop to drink...

This morning, as the spawns were watching Dora, yes again, I decided to slip upstairs to take a shower. As I approached the bottom of the stairs I was assaulted by the strong smell of nail polish!

Upon reaching the bottom step, I was vaguely aware than something was not right. There were drops of bright pink leading from the living room into the dining. My first reaction was that one of the kids had cut themselves and was lying prone in a corner of the dining room slowly bleeding to death. Alas, this was not so (I could have handled that misfortune). Instead my 2 darling daughters had painted their hands and feet a bright fuchsia and were at that moment attempting to cover the wall with what was left in the bottle.

After a short cry of an expletive I shall not repeat, I ripped away the bottle and prepared myself to view the damage. There was a trail of pink leading into the living room, where a larger smear of pink was strew across the floor. CSI would have had a field day mapping the "blood" splatter. Thinking to myself, "That's not too bad", I turned to find footprints and droplets on my new rug in the living room!

Needless to say, after 3 bottles of polish remover, the nail polish has been eradicated from the affected areas. Where is my bottle of wine?????