Thursday, January 24, 2008

A brand new day

Well, today started out like any other day...Lucien awoke at dawn crying. By that, I mean 4AM. John, my husband, went into the other room so Luc could take his place and we wouldn't awake the Sleeping Beauties in the other room. The girls woke up around 7am and so did Luc with a round of sobs.

We made our way down to breakfast, oatmeal and blueberry applesauce followed by a refreshing glass of chocolate soy milk! Then on to "A Big, Big World" and "Sesame Street". Off to bed my 9am and Mom goes on to clean up the aftermath of Triplet Tornado.

Our son Lucien was just recently diagnosed with William's Syndrome. A rare genetic mutation. We are still strying to process this fact but looking forward to a bright future for all of our children. Hey, God only gives you what you can handle, right?????

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Julie said...

Love it, Jenn! How do you find the time? You are amazing! Give kisses to the Little Sweethearts from Cioci.