Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nutritionist Visit...

We saw the Nutritionist today at Children's and she said she loved the diet we have the kids on, especially the fact that we have them eating the same meal that we do! That was good to hear. We have to actually ADD calories to Luc's diet and change him to drink this special formula that has no calcium but the vitamins he needs. This way, he can have yogurt and cheese and pudding as a snack and not worry that his levels will go up.

We had the ultrasound on his kidneys and they didn't see any stones, so we are good there. All in all it was a good day. Cioci Bonnie said the girls were very good for her. I can't believe how big Hadleigh got since we last her and how great she sits up on her own! What a big girl she is becoming! She should be running around with her "siblings" this Summer for sure!

I told Bonnie that Easter should be fun this year with all the kids running around. Good thing we have a big yard for the egg hunt. Hope Uncle Scott and Daddy are ready to think on new spots to hide eggs this year (preferably spots not in Poisin Ivy).

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