Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lunch is over...

Well, we made it through lunch with no major problems. The girls are sitting in their rocking chairs eating their bread and Luc is playing with the cat's jingle ball in front of the tv. We just got done watching "Yo, Gabba, Gabba". I actually LOVE this show. The trips get really into and love the music. They have really catchy songs that when we sing them they will stop crying and start dancing. Kateri rolls her shoulders to "Dance all the Wiggles out" like she's dancing at a Rave or something. Luc will crawl up to a basket and high kneel at it and bouce to the music, so I know how to get him moving! God, I love TiVo (or the Comcast equivilent). I record them and replay them all the time! It get's me up dancing with them for a 1/2 hour, take that "Curves". Who needs a gym, right?
I have been emailing other Mom's in the area with kids who have William's Syndrome. There are quite a few of us around, which is wierd to say, a great thing. Luc actually seems to be doing ok for a kid who has this syndrome as he never had problems with eating differnt foods or any heart issues.
We have had 2 surgeries at 4 months and 6 months to fix a double inguinal hernia and recurring hernia on the left side. We have to go in February to fix yet another one on the right side this time. Oh yeah! Another day at the hospital. It wouldn't be that bad but we have the two girls to find someone to watch them and if we bring them with us, they are bored and cranky. I know the feeling all too well.
We have a meeting with the Nutritionist next week and then an ultrasound on his kidneys to see if he has kidney stones from the high calcium level. Then we go to the Cardiologist in March for and Echo on his heart and a meeting, then in for a follow-up eye exam for the stabismus and glasses, then in for a follow-up with the Geneticist and Endocronologist in May. It could be worse! I needed to write down the list of all the doctors we are working with to keep them all straight. He actually has more doctors than I do now! No wonder I'm on anxienty meds!
Just noticed the phone is in use upstairs..."Do you know where the children are?"
Kateri knows how to turn the phone on and "talk" like Mommy. She is also very good with the mouse and disconnecting the internet. Luc is mastering cable connections while Sydney handles mass demolition. I have my own little hackers in training.
Currently, they are in the processing of hiding as many MegaBlocks as they can under the couch and entertainment center. I don't know how they learned to use the zipper because I sure was not going to teach them! At least I can get them to clean up their mess...
Sorry, that was a dream I had last night. They will actually start to clean up and then proceed to dump the entire contents out again. I guess it's evolutionary progress, n'est pas????
More later...

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Anonymous said...

Mom and Dad like this show too.
They sing the songs by heart and we all dance together.