Monday, January 28, 2008

Another day...

We had a great visit on Saturday with Auntie Paula, Uncle Joe, Anutie B and Uncle Boo! The babies had lots of fun eating Thai food and showing off for everyone. Of course Sunday was spent recovering from all the excitement!

Today we have a home inspection for our refinance of our mortgage. We are going down a whole point! That will free up more $$ for diapers!

Tomorrow, Luc and Mommy head to Boston to Children's Hospital to talk to a Nutritionist about his diet and watching his calcium intake due to the William's Syndrome. Then we have to go for an ultrasound on his kidneys to make sure he doesn't have any kidney stones from the extra calcium in his system. That should be a fun day...NOT!

We will keep everyone posted on his progress.

Kateri is running around like the little fiend that she is. Sydney of course, is right behind her, or running in front of her with Grinchy. Grinchy is Kateri's favorite friend. She has managed to eat all the fur on his neck off so he looks like a plucked chicken. I'll have to find a picture of him to show everyone.

We can't wait until Spring so we can go outside and run around. Hopefully Luc will be walking around by then, but he is doing so well crawling and pulling himself up on furniture that he may be walking sooner. Cross your fingers!

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