Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! We had a crazy weekend! Friday was our search for Babka bread. For some reason Stop & Shop decided not to carry it this year at any of their stores! I had to send John out Saturday AM to the Polish store to get some. But I am getting ahead of myself.
Friday was spent cooking the kielbasa and eggs. Mackenzie and Jordan decorated the Easter eggs while the babies watched. Jill made the horseradish this year (after claims she made it last year, not realizing that she was still in Africa at the time it was made). It actually came out really good, of course that is because of my expert growing and tender loving care that I extend to my garden! We had a special visit from Auntie Tina, Aunt Jackie and Elizabeth, Veronica and Olivia. The babies had so much fun playing with everyone that they didn't want to take naps. They were exhausted!
Saturday we got up early and I made homemade sauce with meatballs and sausage. We met Jill and the girls at the library and went to the Easter egg hunt. Kat and Syd were besides themselves at the sight of the Easter Bunny. They kept waving at him and laughing. Of course when we got into the library, Syd just wanted the Easter Bunny, but Jordan and Mackenzie took her to find the eggs. Jill had Luc and I had to chase Kat into the main library and bring her back to the kids room. I was helping her find eggs and then we went to see everyone else, and Syd was missing! Jill thought she was in the corner, the girls thought she was with me and I thought she was with them. After a frantic search of the area, I had a bright idea to look in the Easter Bunny room. Lo and behold, their was Syd, standing right in front of the Easter Bunny, blocking the other kids from getting their pictures. After taking a deep breath, I composed myself and gave a little nervous laugh as I scooped her up and took her out, protesting all the way!
Of course once we made it into the room to take pictures, they had no patience to stand in line to wait their turn, so it was fun trying to keep them entertained. We finally made it up to the bunny and the photographer couldn't help but start to sing the "Brady Bunch theme".
After we came home and got the basket ready to bless. Jeff and the kids came over along with Bonnie, her brother and Hadleigh. All three cars headed of to St. Stans in Woonsocket to get the food blessed. No one understood the Polish priest in our group, but it was still fun and new for the kids. We went home and ate like little pigs and then went outside to run around. After a rousing Easter egg hunt, everyone was hopped up on candy, especially the babies!
Sunday, we were up at 6am, showered, fed the kids, bathed them and were in the car at 8:15am to go to church. The church was packed and we got there just in time to score an empty pew before the church filled up. After church we went back home and got ready to eat our blessed food. We literally ate all day, smoked the Houka pipe Jill and Jeff brought back from Egypt (it is just tobacco) and relaxed. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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