Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mama saves the bird...and other important tasks

This morning, as I was gazing out on the yard, trying to figure out what to clean up today, I noticed something not right in the tree next to the deck. Upon further inspection, I saw that is was indeed a bird and it was...gasp...still alive! What is a Mama to do???

So, I went into the garage, got out my trusty pruning thingy-ma-jig and cut the branch down. The Grackle was caught in a string by the neck and wound around the branch. I broke the string off to get the bird unattached from the branch and was able to untie part of the string before the ungrateful creature flew off!

Talk about gratitude! I then proceeded to cut off a few branches, in my nightgown, mind you. I figured I might as well do it while I was in the mood.

I took the kids outside to play on the swing. Luc likes to go really high in the swing, Sydney, not so high and Kateri goes up AND down the slide by herself! She falls on her bum on the bottom and rubs it and says "Oh, Bum-bum. Ouch" and then climbs right back up!

The twins brought over all their dress up clothes last weekend, so the kids had fun trying on different outfits and pretending. The one I liked best was Kateri in the Tu-Tu. She can't take off her diaper and run around nude in it!!!

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