Saturday, March 1, 2008

A busy week

On Wednesday we had a play date with our friend Brady and his Mom Kerry. It was more about evading Kateri's hitting than actually playing, but it was still fun. I made Ruebens and salad and we were able to talk over lunch until the exhaustion set in and we had crying start to invade the tranquillity!

Thursday, I had a doctor appointment to check up on Thyroid and BP, both of which are still messed up! The kids sat in their triple stroller (which just fit in the elevator) in the reception area. They were amused by the nurses and patients waiting. I tell people that they are in awe of being somewhere other than home, but they really are good wherever we go. Just as I finished my appointment, Luc started to get restless and cry, so we timed it perfectly!

After that, we met Auntie Paula and Auntie Lise at a restaurant down the street from my old workplace. Lise was on Kateri's side and Paula and I had Luc and Sydney. Syd was so cute feeding her brother and making sure he had food. Not to worry there because Luc was grabbing food off my plate and shoving it into his mouth faster than I could stop him! Kateri did a great job with her broccoli and grilled cheese, as well as driving Lise crazy by throwing her cup on the floor right after Lise picked it up for her! All in all, it was a relaxing lunch and being the only people in the dining room made it even better!

Friday, we took a bath and had our first floater courtesy of Sydney! Thank goodness I had just drained the tub so there was no water left but she still managed to squeeze a couple poop balls in her hand! After washing Sydney again and bleaching the bathtub, we settled down for a nap.

That is, Kat and Luc settled in and Syd called "Mama" until I went up to get her. She sat quietly for a little bit and then went to the bottom of the stairs and called "Kat...Kat...Kat" Upon which, after much yelling of her name, Kat woke up. I brought her downstairs and Syd just smiled and said "Kat".

After Luc woke up and we had lunch, we went with Cioci Bonnie and Hadleigh to the RSID museum in Providence. We found it after driving through the historic district by Brown University (really beautiful area with big hills). After finding a parking spot on the street, and 6 quarters in the bottom of our purses, we walked down the long, winding hill to the museum. Note I said down the long, winding hill...

The museum was really good with artwork from modern to classic to impressionist. It also had Egyptian, African and Asian artifacts. The nest part was we got there before 1:30pm and we had free admission! I had Luc in a bjorn sling and the girls in the double stroller and Hadleigh was bjorned onto Bonnie so we looked a little funny walking around. All the kids were great and just looked around. Needless to say, Luc was killing my shoulders and it was a challenge to keep him leaning back, which made it even worse.

Cioci Bonnie volunteered to push the girls up the long, winding hill. I seriously do not know how we made it up! I had to stop halfway because I was so winded (and out of shape) and I had Luc strapped to my stomach. Bonnie went all the way up with Hadleigh on her chest pushing the double stroller. She works out regularly! We were both huffing and puffing at the top. The backs of my legs are still sore today!

We had Cioci Bonnie, Uncle Scott and Hadleigh over for dinner that night and I made Salmon with Risotto and broccoli. It was my first Risotto and all I kept hearing in my head was Gordon Ramsay saying "Where is my bloody Risotto!" It came out pretty good and we ate every little bite!

Today we have snow! Tara, our OT, is coming for 11:30am to work with Luc and then I think we will take the rest of the day easy. Tomorrow, Daddy is watching the kids with Uncle Scott and Hadleigh because I am going to Cioci Bonnie's Tupperware party! It should be interesting and the Tupperware lady is a BIT$#!

Monday is Cioci Julie's birthday (Sto Lat) and Tuesday, Luc is back in the pool, and Jill and Jeff leave for Egypt Friday, so we are already off to a busy next week.

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