Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Events and Petra too...

Well, Jill and Jeff should be in touring Petra in Jordan today. Petra is an ancient city that once thrived as a trading post around 300B.C. It was made famous by "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" where they found the cup of Christ in the final scenes. Yesterday she called to tell me that they had just gone swimming in the dead sea . She said you could stand up and float in the water without touching the bottom. They rubbed on mud (Jeff was reluctant at first) but found it exhilarating! They are bringing back some for us! God knows we need some revitalization around here!

We are all sick, Jordan and Mackenzie included. We just have head colds but it is miserable! Last night Luc had gas pains from the broccoli from dinner so he was freaking out. Kateri woke up all stuffy so John brought her into the shower around midnight. After that, things finally calmed down until 6:30Am, when we all woke up. The girls got ready for school, breakfast was served, and then the kids settled in to watch "It's a Big, Big World".

The Great White Hunter, a.k.a Nashoba, chased a big, bad deer into the woods this morning. Thank God we have him around here to protect us from all the warm, fuzzy creatures that roam the forest!

We are hopefully getting a new mattress delivered today that should help relieve our back troubles. We'll see...

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