Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time to Potty Train???????

What can you do with a baby that is always getting naked???? It's time to bring out the little potty and start to pee! Kateri is in her "nude" phase of development. She is constantly taking off her clothes and diaper and running around naked. Of course, Syndey is no slouch, as she unzips her PJ's and pulls her diaper off with out taking her feet out!

Luc is crawling up a storm now and is pulling up to stand on his toys. He actually took 4 steps all by himself yesterday with his push toy down the hall! He loves to stand and we are working on getting him to balance better.

Cioci leaves for Egypt tomorrow with Jeff for a little over a week so we will have our "adoptive" daughters here as house guests. They are very excited to stay over because they get to sleep with Luc in his room.

We are all getting excited about Spring and can't wait to run around outside. We went for a short walk today with Kateri pushing Luc and Sydney holding my hand walking. They love to see the trees and hear the water dripping down the storm drains. They "tweet" when we hear the birds sing so they will be really excited when the butterflies come out!

We are very into the new books I just got on "How do Dinosaurs eat their food?" and "How do Dinosaurs go to sleep?". We love to roar and stomp our feet. Kateri and Sydney are very good at jumping and Sydney loves to shake her bum like a hula dancer to the music.

Hopefully the potty training will go well. This should be an adventure. I hope we are up to the challenge!

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