Monday, April 28, 2008

Walk for Brady...Luc's twin

Saturday morning, we took part in the "Walk for Brady" which his Mom started last year to help raise awareness for William's Syndrome. Cioci and the girls walked with us and we had a great time. We were able to meet some more kids with WS and their families as well a Luc's twin, Truman, from New Bedford. Everyone thought it was Luc when they first saw him and I had to check to make sure a couple times who I was holding.

We took a three mile walk around the lake at DW Field Park in Brockton. It is a really pretty park and a nice walk. After, we went back to Kerry's friend's house for lunch and music and conversation. Kerry did a great job organizing the event and we can't wait to help her out next year. It was great to see some of the families we met before and to meet new friends. Luc had a great time watching the musicians and flirting with all the Moms. We look forward to walking again next year and adding more people.

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