Monday, April 28, 2008

Southwick Zoo and Aunt Jackie Too!

So, picture this, 11 kids, 4 adults at the zoo during school break...enough said! (Kateri, Lucien, Sydney, Mackenzie, Jordan, Elizabeth, Veronica, Olivia, Rachel, Matthew, Ericka, Aunt Jackie, Tina, Julie and me) The girls wore their monkey backpack/restraints so they were able to walk around without getting lost, although the managed to fall down quite a bit (with a little help). Luc was alert and looking around although he did manage to take a couple of naps in between. The kids were all great and we didn't lose anyone. Of course the babies loved all the monkeys, especially the new babies. Kateri and Sydney were getting knocked over by goats in the petting zoo. Sydney liked to grab their tails (wrong end kid) while Kateri was trying to pet every one she could catch. Luc was content to have Auntie Tina hold him and look around.

The zoo was packed and only one concession stand was open so we ended up going down the street to a burger stand. It actually worked out better because Julie and the kids were on their way back to Rt.146, it was less crowded and the kids were able to run around a little more freely.

We went back to the house after and put the babies to bed and were able to talk a little before Tina and kids checked into their hotel and Aunt Jackie went home. We had a great day!

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