Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Sorry for such a long delay fans. All is going well here. Lucien finally started to crawl the night before. He made it across the play mat on all FOURS!!!! We were so happy. I think he is finally going to transition from his catipillar-hump-hump crawl to full on crawling this week. Cross your fingers!

This past Saturday we met a some very special freinds. Kerry and her son Brady came over for a visit. Brady has WS too. He is the cutest guy! His Mom is wicked nice and so funny! As they say in the movies "This look like the start of a beautiful freindship". We are hpoing to get together this week for another play date. Of course, the girls managed to monopolize everyone's attention until they went upstairs to take their nap, and then the boys got down to exploring. Luc seemed intent on hanging out with Kerry and smiling up a storm. Brady and I had fun sitting up and playing with toys. Kerry gave us a lot of good advice, the most important being for us to accept Luc for the lover he is and be the best advocate for him to succeed in the future!

We had to go for a blood test on Monday and then went to Kohl's to look around. We are already celebrities there as the assciates all know us as the Triplets who are so well behaved. I hope they remeber them in the future when they are running around ripping the store apart.

Tuesday we went to swim class for Luc. The girls and I walked around the pool until they made everyone nervous by getting too close to the edge and falling that they went back in their stroller to hang out until the end. After, we voted at the Library and went to play in the kid's room. They had a great time with a little boy named Tristan. Kateri fell in love with a baby doll.

This morning we opened the dolls Cioci Diane gave them for their birthday! Kat and Syd carry them around and give them their bottled like pros! Luc likes to throw his doll around for the moment, so Syd has taken on the role of guardian.

I am going to try to do a clean of the house today, although they seem to be changing their nap schedule on me, so I may have a few extra hands to dust. The girls are actually pretty good. Sydney spilled milk the other day on the floor and without saying a word to her, she came into the kitchen, grabbed the dish towel and proceeded to wipe up her mess. Needless to say, I was impressed! Who says you can't teach a new toddler old tricks!

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