Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Hump Day

We spent this morning cleaning the bathrooms upstairs. Kateri and Sydney are determined to help scrub everything possible, so I let them have at it in the shower! I hope this desire to clean stays with them...

Lucien is crawling up a storm now. He makes it from the living room into the kitchen on all fours and is determined to keep up with his sisters! He made it all the way through the play tunnel yesterday and today I thought I'd get him to come through to see me, but he outsmarted me and crawled along the outside! He is already thinking like Kateri!

I had a nice conversation last night from a woman who has a 13 year old boy with WS and is doing great! She marveled at the idea of triplets but...hello...she has 9 kids of her own!!! I don't know which is harder! She said her son is doing great in the 6th grade and is in special classes but keeping up. That's what we like to hear! I think it is really going to help Luc to have sisters the same age because he will always have someone to play with and social peers to learn from.

John and I try not to worry about what the future may bring, but it gets hard, especially when you see or hear about older kids. We just need to realize that every child is different and there may be generalized issues to deal with, but they will all have their own personalities and ideas, and they are all in different situations. No one knows what the future may hold for any of our children so all we can do is prepare them to the best of our abilities and be there to support them when they fail or succeed.

On that note, I feel like Kateri is going to be the school yard bully and Sydney will be right behind her. They both know what buttons to push on each other and are very good at pissing each other off! Sydney is very into building towers with her Megablocks and Kateri will come over and smash it to pieces. It's like watching Godzilla decimate Tokyo all over again! Of course, Sydney cries and starts to rebuild and the whole process starts all over. I will be so happy when we can go run around the backyard!

Speaking of which, I saw my first Robin yesterday. I don't care what that little, fat Groundhog says. Spring is in the air...

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