Tuesday, February 19, 2008

...and the band played on...

We spent a wonderful afternoon on Sunday with our friend Brady and his family. Michael, his big brother, is such a little gentleman. He was so friendly and helpful and loved playing with all the little kids! Of course, Kerry and Tom were the gracious hosts and we felt so comfortable in their home. Lucien had a great time "showering" everyone with his raspberries! He loved the music and meeting his new freinds.

It was so great to meet all the parents and hear that they are experiencing the same things with their kids as we are with Lucien. They all loved the music, but I think some of them loved to explore more than anything! Danielle, the music therapist, was so great with the kids. She has a fabulous voice and a compassion for the kids that made them feel so comfortable with her! We hope we can come to music class again! I don't know if it helped or not, but since Sunday Lucien has actually been crawling on all fours more and more!

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