Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What...it's almost the end of 2011!!!!!

Yeah, so I have been really letting the Blog go for a long time. We've been busy! The kids started Kindegarten this year. The girls are in 1/2 day and Luc is in full day. LUCIEN IN TALKING NOW!!!!! He really likes to say "Pie". He is talking so much now and communicating with everyone now. It's been awesome, except that he wants what he wants and if he doesn't get it...watch out! He is very into Cars, the movie. The girls have branched out and are making new friends. We found a wonderful friend, Rebecca, who lives down the street. She has twin brothers who are becoming great friends too!!!! We are getting ready for Christmas now and very excited to have seen Santa multiple times now.

On the home front, we brought a new puppy into the house. She is a Coton de Tulear and her name is Coq au Vin, "Coco" for short. She has been a welcome addition to the household. We also adopted triplet sister kittens. Isis, Ankara and Cleopatra have been making the house very much their own. The love to look out the window at the birds and squirrels and growl. They have already caught a couple mice in the house, so I hope they keep up the good work. Well, the girls are home from school. Promise I will try posting again sooner than later!

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