Monday, January 4, 2010

It's been almost a year since my last post...

OK, yes, I am a slacker or should I say SLACKER!!!! Well, the kids actually made it to their 3rd birthday without myself or John killing them, so that was a big milestone. We went on vacation with Cioci Bonnie, Uncle Scott and Hadleigh to Cape Cod for a week and it was awesome! Luc started school in September and is loving it! He has really improved a lot. He is still not "talking", but like I am sure once he does we will be ready to put in earplugs!

We had a lovely surprise this Thanksgiving when the Grybko's came for the day! Of course, Cioci and the girls were here as well as Jill, Jeff and the girls. We even had Mots, an exchange student from Botswana, that made the day even more special.

John turned 40 on the December 23rd! He doesn't look a day over you baby!!!

Jill and Jeff got engaged on Christmas morning! So I will be gaining a new Brother-in-law and a new niece and 2 new nephews! I am so happy for all of them. As Oliva said, "Now I can really call you "Cioci", Cioci." The family got a new puppy named Lucy from Santa.

I fell down the last step on Jill's stairs carrying the ham and pan to bring home and either sprained my ankle really bad or broke my foot. I go to the doctor's today and hope I don't come home with a cast.

The kids have grown up so much. Sydney know all the "Princess" songs and her favorite radio song is "I make good girl's go bad" (is that a bad omen or what?) Kateri is my little Polish Hoarder. She had a shopping bag full of movies that had to go everywhere with her and now it's a box full of miniature horses. Luc likes to jump EVERYWHERE! I think we should have named him "Tigger".

Just enjoying seeing them develop and learn and trying not to lose my temper too much when they destroy the house.

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